Cyber Forensics Investigation Solutions Tools & Training

Our Mobile Cyber Forensics Lab


  • A Powerful Laptop:
    Configured and tested specifically to examine digital evidence from anywhere in the world, at a crime scene or in your office.
  • Write blockers and attachments:
    Hard drives, cell phones, thumb drives, SD cards, cameras, and more.
  • External Hard Drive:
    Storage for your evidence and examinations.


Multiple top-tier forensic software suites allowing you to examine cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers, GPS, memory cards, thumb drives & more.


  • Department-Wide training for Patrol/Investigations to retrieve more evidence from every case.
  • Specialized Training from our training partners and customized training from Millstone Labs.
  • Training Partners Include: SEARCH, National Forensics Training Center at Mississippi State University,, & NW3C.


  • Access to Physical Lab or Remote One-On-One Assistance
  • Case and Exam Mentoring Available from Experienced Detectives and Examiners


Every criminal case leaves a digital fingerprint. While electronic evidence is used more than fingerprints, DNA and ballistics combined, less than 3% of the officers today are trained in only some facet electronic evidence recovery. Even when evidence is sent off to be examined it may take more than 3+ months to receive the results by using some form of off-site facility. This is leading to major issues with officers not investigating cases to their full extent or seizing evidence due to these issues.


We are dedicated to Digital Forensics and Investigation Solutions for all agencies and organizations from 1 to 100 individuals. We are here to TRAIN EVERY officer, detective, or other officials in the art of digital evidence to be used in all of their cases. Learn to preserve electronic evidence on-scene and offline, and equip/train select officers to complete their own in-house exams of any electronic device.



We are a group of Cybercops with more than 100 years of combined law enforcement experience.

Michael developed the idea of Millstone Labs to bring the power of digital evidence examination and the ability to use electronic evidence in all criminal investigations to rural and under-served agencies that traditionally cannot afford this service or training.

MIchael Lemon




  • Officer Curt
    It was an average theft and possession case. Normally I would have just put the guy in jail. But I had just had the initial training at Millstone Labs. Because of that training I knew that the guy could have more evidence on his phone of who else was involved in the theft or his drug connections. I was able to examine his phone and uncover a multi-county narcotics ring. Best of all, I was able to identify their main supplier. Without this training we would not have known the ring even existed.
    Officer Curt
    Scottsville PD
  • Electronic evidence should be expected now. When valuable information came up during an investigation we sought out partners to recover electronic evidence. The workload began to become problematic and time consuming. We now have a full time staff dedicated to digital forensics instead of outsourcing as we see most if not all criminal cases have a cell phone or computer attached to the case with valuable digital information in use by everyone now. It is a valuable investment to expedite cases and obtain evidence as quickly as possible.



Michael Lemon

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Detective, Bowling Green PD (ret.)

Michael Lemon worked as Lead Detective & Forensics Examiner for Bowling Green PD over 20+ years. His goal founding Millstone Labs, was to train every cop with knowledge to investigate modern crime. In today's world it is necessary to learn to examine digital evidence using cyber forensics technology.

Art McFadden

Chief Technology Officer, CTO

Captain, Franklin PD (ret.)

Art McFadden is the CTO of Millstone Labs LLC.

Jack Prindle

Lead Trainer

Major, Boone County SO

Captain Jack Prindle (ret.) is the Lead Trainer of Millstone Labs for all of Kentucky.

Horace Johnson

Lead LEO Liason

Chief, WKU PD, DOCJT, KLEMF (ret.)

Jeremy Jacobs

Lead Business Strategist


Jeremy Jacobs is CEO and Founder of EYECONIC.TV, helping as the lead business strategist for Millstone Labs LLC when he's not busy herding goats.