Millstone Labs, LLC

Veteran Cybercops and Military Intelligence Professionals provinding litigation support (social media reviews, CDR correlation, computer forensic examinations) and network intrusion services

Social Media Review

Evidence found in social media is becoming more important in evert type of case.  It can be slam-dunk type of evidence if you find it...We know how to find it.  We have over 50 years experience hunting people all over the world.

Call Detail Records

CDR's can come in multiple formats and timezones.  We provide a simple to review report correlating all relevant data.  You sedn us the returns for the cell phone comapny and we provide you a court ready report.

Computer Forensic Exam

We were able to find where an ex-employee was taking critical business secrets to start a competing company.  Our customer was able to use our exam to shut down the new company.

Network Intrusions

Our network intrusion experts have been trained by military intelligence, the US Secret Service and have over 40 years experience investigating breeches for state, federal and military agencies.


We are veteran Cybercops and Millitary Intelligence Analysists with decades of experience finding answers to local, federal and world-wide reaching cases.


Real World

We have experience that can only be gained by being the boots on the ground investigating  cases ranging from homicides, international child exploitations to matters of national security.


We Stay Up-To-Date

New apps, new threats and new technology is appearing every day.  We stay current on all the new technology to provide you with the best information to make your best decisions.


Get Them to Understand

We presents to large groups on a regular basis.  We have trained over 20,000 people across the US in the last 2 years and have testified in 1,000's of court cases.  


Simple to Understand

We are use to creating court ready documents for juries that may not understand "tenchno-talk".  Our reports are simple to understand yet powerful at the same time.

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