May 13, 2017

Chief Jeff Pearson, Scottsville PD (KY), Leads His Department into the World of Digital Forensics

Many small police agencies in south central Kentucky use Millstone Labs LLC for their digital forensics training needs. Every criminal case involves digital evidence and with Millstone, departments like the Scottsville Police Department can collect and process their own evidence in few hours rather than waiting a few months for […]
September 14, 2016

Cyber Cop Interview: Chris Cohron, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Warren County

Chris Cohron discusses being a cyber cop, digital evidence and its usefulness in every investigation and trial. Chris Cohron also talks about working with Det. Michael Lemon for over a decade.
September 14, 2016

Finding Hidden Evidence with Millstone Labs, Morgantown KY PD

Capt. Burden discusses how having the ability to find, preserve and examine electronic evidence in even a simple case has led the Morgantown KY Police Department to uncover hidden crimes. Morgantown PD has become one of the elite agencies that can examine their own digital evidence In-House to […]
September 14, 2016
Photo of Chief Doug Hawkins, BGPD

Chief Doug Hawkins, Bowling Green PD (KY)

In this webisode of Cyber Cop Interviews we talk to Chief Doug Hawkins. Chief Hawkins is an advocate and pioneer for small departments gaining the ability to have their own digital forensics laboratory. This broke with the traditional thought that only large local, state or federal agencies had […]