1How much does it cost?
As low as $200, pricing will vary based on your department or organization size as well as the tier of examinations you choose to purchase. Our Cyber Forensic Lab can be purchased at additional cost as well.
2What am I buying?
We offer Digital Forensics services and equipment for departments size ranging from 1 to 100. This includes powerful hardware, top-tier software, physical or remote examinations, specialized training and one-on-one assistance.

When purchasing our Cyber Forensics Lab, an additional one-time training fee will be required per examiner which includes a 2-day training course allowing you to learn how to properly use the tools of the trade on your own.

3What is our Cyber Forensics Lab?
Our Cyber Forensics Lab allows you to purchase and train up to four (4) examiners per tier requiring a short 2-day training class on how to use the equipment, hardware and software. We provide you with all of the essentials for conducting your very own on-site investigations. Included: Computer, Software, upgrades, training, & support with remote updates and management all bundled into one package. Share your mobile lab with other agencies for a 10% fee per agency using our "Group Task Force" plan allowing you to split the cost at a significant reduction. Internet Access Required.
4Who is this for?
This is for any law enforcement, law firm, or agency in need of digital forensics for professional investigation purposes. Train any of your men or women to obtain and examine digital evidence from crime scene to courtroom.
5Why do I need it?
In an increasingly digital age, proper crime scene investigation is essential to pursuing evidence and convicting or defending criminal investigations. Every criminal case has a digital fingerprint. Find, preserve, & examine your very own cell phones, computers & more! With our services and hardware you can get your evidence in hours. Less than 3% of officers today are trained in only some facet of electronic evidence acquisition and examination.


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