Private Forensics Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions for private and government organizations in law enforcement. Our services range from professional data recovery to cyber forensic analysis used in investigations and evidence acquisition. We also offer mobile cyber forensics lab for conducting in-house cyber forensics which includes custom hardware and software as well as one-on-one training and support.

Cyber Forensics Lab

Obtaining Evidence in Hours with the State of the Art, All-in-One Cyber Forensics Suite: For Use by Your Team Anywhere, In-House or On-the-Go!


A custom designed package of hardware solutions that are made for use on-scene and in-house to find, manage, and analyze evidence.


Professional package of forensics softwares that is used to image devices, obtain, analyze, & examine evidence for use in court.


One-on-one training as well as online access to training materials and videos gives you the ultimate experience in immersing your team in the unknown world of cyber forensics for individuals of any skill.


With internet access we are able to maintain your software and hardware with the most recent updates and provide remote and on-site support.

Cyber Forensics Analysis

Don't have time to process your own evidence?
We can do it for you by providing fast and efficient results compared to other leading labs. Get your evidence in hours, not months with Millstone Labs.

Personal Forensics Solutions

We also offer a variety of personal services including Personal Data Recovery, to save you from data loss in the event of a disaster. We also offer a unique service known as our Social Scan, for keeping your kids safe online.

Personal Data Recovery

We offer our personal data recovery services to anyone who needs to recover their precious but PRICELESS memories from cell phones, memory cards, digital cameras, hard drives, and more. When disaster strikes Millstone Labs is here to help. Starting at $120/device.The sooner the better chance of full recovery! You'll only get one chance. Don't wait to act too late.

Social Scan

Protecting your children online is a difficult task in the modern day cyber world. That is why Millstone Labs is here to offer the one and only Social Scan service. Discover who, where, when, & how they are communicating online with popular social applications like Facebook & Snapchat. View their history, popular websites, text messages, call logs, & more. Starting at $80/device bring yours in today.